Several of my officers were training with Al along with Mayor
Holden, Council member Dean Maulhardt and several other
people I know and respect.  Three and a half years ago I went to
visit Al at Future Fitness.  I decided that I was not going to
succumb to the aging process and put one foot into the grave.  I
was 51 years old and my goal was to get back into the shape  I
was  AS A  young man.  

Al took me from 275 pounds to 249 pounds and built me back up
completely redistributing the pounds.  I am in the best
condition of my life, physically and  atitudinally.  

Al’s motto is “The sport is life, train for it.”  

That is so true.
 I look forward to the years to come
knowing I will have the strength, endurance and vitality to
live to the fullest
.  My only regret is that I didn’t take Al up on
the offer 20 years ago.  Now is the opportunity to make up for
lost time and buy even more time.  To still be able to see and feel
the progress is so rewarding I can’t imagine ever walking away
from fitness ever again.
oxnard police  Chief  

john crombach   
"The Sport Is Life"